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Google to Withdraw from US Chamber of Commerce?

Search giant Google is planning on quitting the US Chamber of Commerce as it is ‘frustrated' over a new bill that the organisation is supporting, which will force search engines to crack down on websites offering copyright infringing material.

According to an article on Politico, the company does not want to be a part of an organisation which is supporting a bill that would make Google's job much more difficult.

The Protect IP Act, which is being bought forward by Senetor Patrick Leahy, will force search engines and online ad providers to crack down on websites that offer illegal downloads and sell fake medicine among other contraband.

The news comes as Yahoo ditched the Chamber of Commerce over similar issues. "As our membership renewal time neared and we reviewed our membership, we decided not to renew," a Yahoo spokeswoman confirmed.

The controversial bill is accompanied with the Stop Online Piracy Act, which will allow copyright holders to force search engines and ISPs to block access to websites which they deem illegal for US customers.

Apart from Google, several other tech companies, which are members of the Consumer Electronics Association, have expressed their displeasure over the stance taken by the Chamber of Commerce and have asked it to reconsider its standing on the entire issue. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.