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HP's cheap TouchPad offer: two for £130 each

HP, which slashed the price of its TouchPad webOS-based tablet to just £89 in September amid rumours that it was to quite making PC devices, has announced that its discount tablet will be made available to developers at an even more rock-bottom price: two for £130 each!

The IT giant originally offered its Touchpad tablets on loan to developers as an incentive to create applications for the device's webOS operating system. But with HP no longer pushing the platform, this offer is no longer available.

As The Inquirer points out, it seems unlikely that developers will be rushing to buy tablets to develop for a discontinued platform - but if they fancy getting their hands on a cheap tablet, it's not a bad way to go about it.

HP's firesale in September prompted a massive stampede for the devices, with many being snapped up by the company's own staff. The devices have since been seen popping up for sale on eBay and other sites at higher prices, taking advantage the TouchPad's sudden boom in popularity.

Troubled by delays in its release, HP's TouchPad flopped when it was launched in July. Despite boasting a spec that isn't too far from that of Apple's market-leading iPad 2, the public appeared reluctant to take a chance on the device at its original price of £350. This was mostly due to uncertainty over its webOS operating system, which boasts a far smaller selection of comptible apps than either of its major rivals, Apple's iOS or Google's Android.

Now that uncertainty is over for anyone lucky enough to have bagged themselves a TouchPad. An enterprising group of hackers known as CyanogenMod has managed to port the Android operating system over to the TouchPad, breathing new life into the device. Full details of how to install Android on your TouchPad are available at out sister site,, here. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.