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IBM Mainframes to Get Windows

International Business Machines has announced that soon, its mainframe systems would support Microsoft's Windows platform.

According to Computer World, on December 16, the Windows management function will be delivered for its mainframe data centres.

The company said that its zEnterprise mainframes will come with functionalities that would let users manage Windows applications on their data centres. This will eventually lead to better performance and data centre consolidation.

"In Q4 of last year we put out the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension with support for IBM Power7 blades running AIX and the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer," Greg Lotko, vice president of marketing for System z told eWeek.

"In Q1 of 2011 we made the DataPower blades available. In Q2 clients asked for Windows so we listened to our clients and modified our plans and said we would deliver it by the end of the year. In Q3 we delivered Linux integration, and in Q4 we're delivering Windows," he said.

IBM said that the integration will let Windows applications connect to the mainframe for data and give users the freedom to choose their platform of choice while working on IBM mainframes.