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iPhone 4S Owners Complain of No Audio on Outgoing Calls

Another complaint from iPhone 4S users has recently come to light: Apple's star handset is failing to give any audio on some outgoing calls. The problem seems to have affected many people, considering the 33-page thread with owners describing the issue on Apple's support forum.

Users from all three US carriers have complained about not hearing anything when making an outgoing call using a headset, Gizmodo reports. Discussing amongst themselves about possible solutions, users discovered that the problem seems to go away when the speakerphone is toggled on and off, headphones are plugged in and then unplugged or Siri is activated.

Besides these forum user recommendations, there have not been any expert technical explanations or advice so far. Apple has declined to comment on the situation for the time being. On the other hand, Apple recently released a beta update of iOS 5 and developers are already working on the new version of Apple's operating system.

iOS 5.0.1 will offer solutions for some of the problems noticed so far with iPhone 4S and older iPhones, mainly the battery problem. If the audio problem with outgoing calls is caused by some sort driver issue between the iOS software and the iPhone 4S hardware, as Gizmodo points out, then the iOS 5 update should hopefully provide a solution.

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