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Israeli Government Denies Official Websites Hacked by Anonymous

The government of Israel has denied that its websites have suffered an attack from the hacker group Anonymous.

Rumours of an Anonymous attack started after several official websites including those of the Mosaad and secret service agency Shin Bet went offline. The sites went offline soon after a threat was made by Anonymous to launch a cyber attack against the government.

In the threating video, Anonymous demanded that the Israeli government should refrain from blocking shipping vessels to Gaza or face its wrath.

Israeli officials claim the blacking out of government websites soon after the threats were made was just a coincidence. The outage was caused by a hardware glitch in the servers rather than a hacking induced software glitch.

"It's all part of a project called Tehila that puts all of those sites together in one data centre. When one fell, they all fell. The back-ups failed. Hopefully, next time they'll have better back-ups and this kind of thing shouldn't happen," said cyber security expert Nitzan Miron

"Those were just the front-end sites. They don't contain the actual classified information," he added.

The Israeli's take pride in their cyber security and a major cyber attack would have been embarressing for them.