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Khan Academy gets $5M Investment to Promote Online Education

The O'Sullivan Foundation has donated $5 million to the Khan academy, a non-profit online teaching business, so that the academy can hire more teachers and also improve its curriculum.

This academy was started by Salman Khan who produced his own low budget short YouTube video tutorials on subjects like science and maths.

These videos gained fast popularity among students, and in many school districts these videos have been incorporated as part of their curriculum, the San Francisco Business Times reports.

The $5 million will be spent on hiring five new teachers and also enables the inclusion of new subjects. The subjects taught will fall under technology, science, maths and engineering - also known as the STEM subjects, which can be easily taught online.

A considerable amount of money will also be spent on "crowdsourcing" which means getting ideas related to teaching from all over the planet. The third and last part of the money will be spent on alternative methods of teaching, that is, offline methods in the classroom.

The very first "summer school camp" will be held in June next year by the Khan Academy. This camp will also be used as a laboratory to check some new teaching ideas.

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