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Minecraft sales top four million ahead of release

It may not have been officially released yet, but Infiniminer clone (opens in new tab) 'Minecraft' has pre-sold an impressive four million copies during its beta phase, according to its official stats (opens in new tab) page - combined with an equally incredible 16 million registrations on its website.

There's been no big announcement by the big man himself - Markus 'Notch' Perrson, head of the game's developer, Mojang studios - who's been busy this morning claiming (opens in new tab) that certain big companies don't get back to you for weeks at a time.

He's also been discussing the upcoming Minecon conferance which as of a couple weeks ago was officially sold out. Something that Notch was rather impressed (opens in new tab) with. He's also been discussing the his public speaking appearance which he's pretty nervous with.

Something else that he's no doubt a little pensive about is the official release of Minecraft, which is due to happen alongside the Minecon conferance. This will in turn bring some official reviews of the game - since at version 1.0, it's in a relative state of completion; though Notch has said that they will continue to develop the game well beyond launch.

Looking back at the early versions and roots of the title back in 2009, it's impressive to see how far the game has come. I've recently had a play again and while I've been keeping up with the content a little, the NPC villages and inclusion of two new worlds to explore beyond the standard physical one, are certainly impressive additions.

One other thing that Notch is no doubt keeping an eye on is the lawsuit his company, Mojang Studios, is embroiled in with Bethesda. The latter firm claiming that Mojang's next game, Scrolls, steals from its Elder Scrolls franchise. However, Mojang recently won the first round (opens in new tab), so it'll be interesting to see how that court case turns out. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.