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Nokia Drive Possibly Ported to Other WP7 Handsets

The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft has many benefits, for example, preferential treatment during Windows Phone 7 releases.

Nokia is adopting a new policy under which it plans to differentiate itself from makers of other handsets with various proprietary apps. However, impact of this plan on Windows Phone 7 handsets remains to be seen.

One of the popular Nokia proprietary applications, made for the Windows Phone 7, is Nokia Drive. This app runs on Nokia handsets empowered by WP 7. This app will be a part of the Ovi Maps, a new release on the new Nokia Lumia 710 and 800, which runs on Window's Phone 7 .5 Mango. Nokia Drive will be pre-installed.

In a recent blog post, published (opens in new tab) in TETS, a High-tech news portal, it has been reported that hackers have already discovered a way to successfully port Nokia Drive in other WP7 devices.

In fact, as per a forum post published at a Chinese Web site, the Nokia Drive app has already been installed on the Samsung Omnia 7. Thus, Nokia's effort to differentiate through exclusive software may prove to be futile.