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Panasonic Introduces World's Smallest 3D Camera

Panasonic claimed to have launched its first 3D snapper with video capabilities. Along with it, the company also launched the newest micro four-thirds camera which looks very interesting and impressive.

Categorically, the 3D DMC-3D1 has 12MP resolution, two 25mm wide angle lenses and 4x optical zoom feature. This device can handle 8MP 3D shots as well as 12MP 2D shots and video recording capacity of 1080p 3D which is up to 8f/s.

The price of this device has not yet been revealed, but will be available for purchase from December of this year.

The second product from Panasonic that made its way to the marketplace today is the Lumix GX-1, a micro four-thirds camera. This camera is full of advanced features like a 16MP lens. This is a speedy-focus product which has ISO 12,800 and 1080p video recording capacity. Further, this camera comes with a touch screen located at the back and numerous lenses with different capacity, as reported (opens in new tab) by The Register.

The 3D camera has some similarity with the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 camera. Similar to the Fujifilm Panasonic 3D, which also has twin lenses and sensors placed behind a sliding door that allows videos and photos to be watched in 3D. So without 3D glasses, one can enjoy 3D images and videos. Truly, this technology will revolutionise everything.