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Panasonic shows off new Lumix DMC-GX1 digital camera

Panasonic has unveiled the DMC-GX1, the latest digital camera in its Lumix G lineup. Priced from £500, with a range of optional, replaceable lenses, the Micro Four-Thirds model is a replacement for the aging but well-respected GF1.

Available in the creatively named colours of Gunmetal Grey and Raven Black, this new camera features a 3in LCD display and a mode selector dial, along with some easy tweak options. There's also the possibility of adding a larger view finder if you so wish.

The GX1 captures still images at a maximum 16-megapixel resolution, and boasts the ability to shoot Full HD video at 1080i. There's also an ultra-quick 0.09-second autofocus system and the capacity for low-light sensitivity up to ISO 12800.

Other features include the ability to shoot in 'Toy Effect' and 'Low Key' effect modes, a manual focus assist feature that enlarges the area you're focusing on by up to 10x to ensure that it's a sharp image. The touchscreen can even be used to control the zoom feature depending on the lens you've attached .

As well as the base package of £500 with a standard lens, the GX1 kit comes with two other options. The first includes a 14-42mm H-FS014042 zoom lens, priced at £599.99.

The second option won't be available till January - but if you don't mind waiting and paying £729.99, you can get the GX1 along with the the H-PS14042 pancake lens. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.