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Pirate Party banned from Sweden's biggest gaming show

The Pirate Party has been banned from Sweden's largest gaming exhibition at the last minute for being "too controversial".

The Party had booked and paid for a booth at Gamex, which ran from 3rd to 6th November, having been "nagged" for two to three months to attend the event, including buying a package of advertising and hotel rooms - but was last week told its presence was no longer required, according to a report on file-sharing news site Torrentfreak.

"We are simply no longer welcome," Pirate Party leader Anna Troberg told Torrentfreak.

"On Tuesday afternoon, I called a representative of the show with a few simple practical questions, but she seemed generally stressed out and said something vague about the show and not wanting any problems before she hung up," said Troberg.

"I thought it was a bit strange, but in the afternoon, the pieces fell into place when the fair manager, Bear Wengse, phoned me and kindly, but firmly, announced that the Pirate Party was no longer welcome at the fair."

According to Troberg, Wengse said that the event organisers felt the party's presence could cause problems - especially since some of their work "could be perceived as criminal."

The Pirate Party supports the decriminalisation of non-commercial file-sharing - and has been an outspoken supporter of peer-to-peer file-sharing directory The Pirate Bay, a policy that would not be popular among other exhibitors at Gamex, who include entertainment giants Warner, Sony and Disney.

But it seems to point of the ban may have backfired. The Pirate Party has received more publicity as a result of its exclusion from the event than if it had attended - and a cohort from the Party's Young Pirate division still turned up outside the doors to hand out free T-shirts for attendees to wear inside the show. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.