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Smartphones Increasingly Targeted by Cyber Criminals

Smartphones are become the latest target of cyber crime and virus attacks. Recently, "ethical hacker" and smartphone security expert, Rik Ferguson, presented a live demonstration on how easy it is for cyber criminals to build a trojan application.

A national computer security campaign was also created to spread awareness among smartphone users to increase their mobile security and to avoid unwittingly downloading apps containing malware.

With the growing smartphone market, the number of smartphone malware is also increasing claims Get Safe Online, the BBC reports.

Hackers are able to create duplicate Trojan copies of various reputed applications and trick smartphones owners to installing the apps. Once the Trojan app is active, it secretly generates money for criminals via text messages of premium rate.

Rik Ferguson, stated that, "This type of malware is capable of sending a steady stream of text messages to premium rate numbers - in some instances we've seen one being sent every minute, " as reported by the BBC.

Get Safe Online is a joint venture between the police, government and smartphone industry. Their primary concern is that the owners of smartphones are not taking adequate actions to prevent their devices from becoming infected.