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Sony Ericsson mobile phone with an HD screen leaked

Israeli Android mobile phone news website has published hands-on pictures and specifications of a yet to be announced Sony Ericsson handset, which reportedly has a 720p display. has brought out images of the leaked Sony Ericsson handset, which has a code name of 'Nozomi' and a model number of LT26i - judging from screen shots from the Android settings menu.

The website has noted the handset has a 4.3-inch 1280x720 screen with a 320dpi, an ARMv7 processor and a 1GB of memory running Android 'Gingerbread' 3.2.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a similar type of screen, where there's been rumours for some time that Sony Ericsson has been working on the Xperia arc HD – which is said to boast a 1.5GHz processor and an HD display, where this could be that very phone.

Sony Ericsson 'Nozomi' pictures are now listed on the Just Another Mobile Phone blog website here, with a better gallery and set of images that have been extracted from as that site might have removed the posting all together – as OneMobileRing can no longer find it.

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