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WebOS Developers To Get 32GB HP TouchPad For $150

Is WebOS dead? Well, it seems that HP still wants the mobile platform to survive as it announced the return of the Developer Device Purchase Program in the US, Canada and Europe.

WebOS developers will be able to buy up to two 32GB TouchPads at a discounted price; $150 in the US and Canada, 150 Euros in Europe and £130 in the UK - which is only a tenner more expensive than the £119 HP charged during the fire sale event in August (the 16GB model went for £89 back then).

According to its Developer Center webpage, the offer is available until the 27th of November or until stocks last with coupons being delivered by the 18th of November.

One must wonder why HP is trying to flog what appears to be a dead horse, after it announced it would no longer back WebOS, cancelled future mobile projects and cut short the run of the TouchPad and the Palm Pre.

Could it be that after sacking its CEO and replacing him with Meg Whitman, then cancelling plans to spin off or sell its Personal Systems Group, HP may be looking at reviving WebOS again? We can only hope. Otherwise, the tablets may end up on Ebay or as development platforms for Android, which runs happily on the hardware.

Désiré Athow

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