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£99.97 Logik L22DVDB20AU 22" HD Ready LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player

Quite certainly one of the most affordable LCD TVs DVD Player Combi, the Logik L22DVDB20AU 22" LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player provides you with versatile entertainment in high definition without going heavy on your pockets.

The Logik L22DVDB20AU is an ideal solution for places with little space like the kitchen, kids room, bathroom, etc. and with its beautifully crisp High Definition display, it would definitely be a great addition to your tech inventory.

The weak-signal enhancement technology enhances the picture quality and the digital Freeview tuner brings crystal-clear digital reception to the table. The Logik L22DVDB20AU also sports a USB port for recording TV programmes to a USB drive for viewing later, very much like a dedicated PVR.

HDMI, SCART, component and composite video inputs are all available and not to forget the PC-in D-Sub port that would enable you to connect your PC and use this TV as a computer monitor with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768.

The built-in DVD player lets you pop-in your favourite movie while nothing interesting is showing in your standard Freeview channels.

The Logik L22DVDB20AU 22" HD Ready LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player is available from Currys for £99.97.