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Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Premiere Elements 10 on Apple Mac App Store

Adobe has put Photoshop Elements 10 Editor and Premiere Elements 10 Editor on Apple's Mac App Store with a retail price of $79.99 each.

Apple Insider is quick to point out that the Mac App versions of both lack a few features; neither of them sport the Elements organizer or offer support for case-sensitive HFS volumes.

Also Premiere Elements 10 Editor does not offer Smartsound capabilities. It is very likely that Adobe introduced these restrictions to differentiate the Mac App Store versions from the full versions of both.

These retail for $99.99 each and have been available since the end of September. Adobe launched Photoshop Elements 9 on the Mac App Store back in July, not put off by Apple's 30 per cent cut of sales.

Both Photoshop & Premiere Elements 10 target the lower end of the consumer market and face competition from Apple's own set of content creation applications like iMovie and iPhoto.

Apple Mac App Store has been one of the many trends that Apple has brought from its iOS platform onto its Mac OS one.

By doing so Apple cuts out the middle man (like Amazon or high street retailers) and has caused others like Microsoft to take heed as well.

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