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Android To Remain Free Reassures Google

Search engine giant Google has vowed to keep its Android mobile and tablet operating system free for all.

According to The Wall Street Journal Eric Schmidt said that Google will continue to keep Android free to use by its hardware partners.

He also pressed that Google plans to run Motorola as an independent unit so that other device makers don't feel that they are getting a raw deal or feel left out over Android.

Google has always maintained that Motorola, which it plans to acquire for $12 billion, will not get preferential treatment over other Google Android partners.

"We will run (Motorola) sufficiently independently so it will not violate the openness of Android," he said. Schmidt also criticised rival Microsoft for using its patent portfolio to sign deals with Android partners.

"Microsoft is not telling the truth on this issue, and they are using tactics to scare people because they are scared of the success of Android," he said. Several top Android device makers including Samsung and HTC have signed patent licensing deals with Microsoft, under which, the company will be getting royalty payments from them.