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Apple Adds Self Check-Out, Pick-Up Item Apps

iPhone maker Apple has updated the Apple Store iOS app to let people initiate self check-outs and set-up self pick-ups.

The version 2.0 of the Apple Store app for the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone brings these new features to make shopping at the Apple Store much easier.

The self pick-up feature that comes with the new version allows people to select the product they want to purchase and pay for it using the credit card associated with their account. However, instead of waiting for the order to ship, people can decide to pick their order themselves at the nearest Apple store, according (opens in new tab) to Wired.

The self check-out feature allows users to scan the bar code of any item in an Apple Store and pay for the products from their iPhones using their credit card. They won't be required to get in the line to pay and can simply walk out of the store by showing the digital payment receipt to a store employee.

These features, which may prove to be more convenient for most Apple Store visitors, is only available on the Apple iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S for shoppers in the United States. Shoppers with the new iPad or the iPod Touch won't be able to utilise these features as of now.