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Apple Bans Charlie Miller After He Posted iOS Exploit Video

iPad maker Apple had removed security expert Charlie Miller from its developers programme after he posted a proof-of-concept exploit in which he injected a malicious code in an iOS app.

Miller had discovered a bug in iOS which would allow anyone to inject malicious code in an app and execute it even though it is not signed by Apple.

Incidentally, the app created by Miller got approved by the Apple App Store, which is known for its stringent selection criteria, thanks to the vulnerability which made the code undetectable.

Soon after he reported his findings through a video, he received an email from Apple in which he was informed that his developer account with Apple had been terminated effective immediately.

An angry Miller maintains that he was only trying to alert Apple about the vulnerability but Apple claims that he violated his contract with Apple, which forbids him from using and mixing other code with the iOS code.

"I'm mad. I report bugs to them all the time. Being part of the developer program helps me do that. They're hurting themselves, and making my life harder", Miller said.