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Azul Systems Develops Scalable Java Virtual Machine

A scalable Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has been launched by Java company Azul Systems.

The goal of the company is to support enterprise Java workloads, offer better capacity as well as throughput; the machine has been designed to cut down on operating costs.

Named Zing 5.0, this machine is for Linux and x86-based servers. It was developed to compete with JRockit products from Oracle.

According to Azul Systems, at present, this is the only JVM capable of supporting app instances which cross 512GB of memory, as reported (opens in new tab) by UK Tech Site V3.

About its implications, the firm commented that it means businesses now can simplify Java deployments with the use of less instances and more savings of operating costs.

Chief technology officer as well as co-founder of Azul, Gil Tene, said Zing crosses the common limits of Java scalability, for example, garbage collection related issues and it empowers Java app instances to perform scale up to dozens of cores in CPU along with hundreds of memory in gigabytes, reported V3 website.

Calling the new version noteworthy,Tene said that it "significantly expands the reach" of this product.