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Developer Brings Siri Assistant to iPhone 3GS

Following reports of the successful porting of Siri to an iPhone 4, developer Ryan Petrich has gone even further and managed to install the voice assistant on an iPhone 3GS, Cnet reports (opens in new tab).

Petrich admits that Siri's performance is not all that great, probably mainly due to the microphone, but then the technology is meant to be exclusive to Apple's latest iPhone 4S which has far superior hardware.

Last week, 9to5Mac showed how an iPhone 4 could host Siri after jailbreaking an iPhone 4S and getting access to some vital files that make Siri work. Now, after a similar stunt, Ryan Petrich managed to get Siri on his older iPhone 3GS.

The obvious issues caused by inferior hardware are more apparent on the iPhone 3GS than they were on iPhone 4. Apple's newest handset integrates a high fidelity microphone and sensors as well as an improved processor that allow the voice recognition technology to function more smoothly.

On iPhone 3GS Siri only works in a perfectly noise-free environment. Other than that, from the small demo posted online, the user interface reveals a perfectly active Siri, with maybe a slightly longer delay before answering.

If hackers do manage to prove that the hottest feature of Apple's latest device can be ported on older phones, users might think twice about buying a pricey iPhone 4S and stick with an older model.

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