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Google Experimenting with New Search Results Feature 'Sources'

Google is testing a new content module in its search results page, which is called Sources. The feature which came to light after a screenshot of the module in action appeared on Google Plus courtesy of an eagle-eye Googler, has not been denied by the search giant.

SearchEngineLand describes the new SERP saying that it now includes several pieces of background knowledge and, in the case of the chosen example - R&B super star Rihanna - information from Wikipedia, links to her songs and similar artists as well as her discography and news about her.

Google told the website SearchEngineLand that it "is constantly experimenting with new features". The move prompted one commenter to claim that "soon organic search results will disappear altogether and Google will only show content and ads".

Google has also experimented with Google related bars which provide News and Images related to a particular page, and it is also tinkering with the search result pages to include more ads at the bottom.

Google also just announced a new algorithm update that aims to bring back content freshness as its main focus, in a veiled attempt to tackle the combined growing threats of Facebook and Twitter.

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