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Google's Search Dominance under Threat from iPhone 4S' Siri

A recent study proves what analysts had predicted right after the iPhone 4S was released: users who ask the voice controlled assistant to look for answers over the Internet are not requiring the aid of Google, PCMag (opens in new tab)reports.

The Aurora Report is a small, informal study, based on 40 respondents and yet, it still offers Google a lot of food for thought. The conclusion is that Siri introduces a new alternative in search, as more than half of the iPhone 4S owners who use Siri haven't done a single search on Google since they got their new digital assistant.

Aurora's report says that "Google has been blindsided by Siri," adding, "every answer that Siri provides using Wikipedia, Yelp, or Wolfram Alpha is business taken away from Google."

The study's findings are acknowledged by Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, who recently declared that his company is no longer "overwhelmingly dominant" in search, pointing out that among other new competitors Siri brings a "significant development".

Schmidt also talked about other new technologies that rise the competitive challenge by introducing new methods of accessing information. To make the matters even worse for Google, there are rumours that Apple is looking to create its own mapping technology to replace Google Maps and its business location services.

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