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Iowa Caucuses Targeted by Hacktivist Group Anonymous

Anonymous, the hacktivist group, released a video recently inviting supporters to occupy or even stop the upcoming Iowa caucuses.

The video has a computerised voice that talks about two well known political parties for, "desecrating the American democracy and committing crimes against humanity on behalf of the American people," as reported by Concord Monitor.

Calling the primaries and caucuses sponsored by the parties "part of an elaborate scam," the video accused these parties of having deceived the public to vote for candidates who will serve mega-corporation's "private interests," reported the Concord Monitor.

The voice in the video also says the parties are responsible for deliberately driving "tens of millions of people into poverty."

The video gives specific instruction to supporters to capture the Des Moines offices used for presidential campaigns on 27th December and then peacefully close down the Iowa caucuses after a week.

The video was handed over to Des Moines Register yesterday by an Occupy Des Moines protester who said that the video was given to him by a few masked men in his tent.