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iPad 2 Rival Alert : HTC To Launch More Tablets In 2012?

HTC will launch another tablet in 2012 a report by Reuters's Clare Jim claims; the article doesn't provide us with any more meat though.

Instead, it quotes the company's CEO, Peter Chou, who says that the tablet market is one which HTC wants to try and test whether it can make itself stand up and prevent so-called me-too products.

Chou has confirmed that the company plans to expand its user base by going for the bulging emerging markets with China being one major growth market, if not the biggest.

The company, which has surpassed Research in Motion to become the fourth biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, has released a slew of smartphones in the past few weeks including a number of Windows and Android handsets.

HTC lost its status as Google's long-time preferred partner to Samsung, which has produced the last two Google Nexus handsets, and the company has instead started to find its mark as a Windows Phone maker with the newly released Titan and Radar handsets.

Both Motorola and a reborn Sony Ericsson as well as fresh rivals like ZTE and Huawei are likely to provide some serious competition for HTC's handsets on the Android front.

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