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Israeli Government Websites Briefly Go Offline; Hacktivist Group Anyonomous Suspected

On Sunday, several Israeli government websites failed to operate for several hours, including websites belonging to Mossad, the Israeli army, the Shin Bet secret service and some other ministries of the government. It was assumed that hacker group Anonymous was behind the system failure.

Security experts as well as Israeli officials deny any such claims and speculation, however. The websites, which were inaccessible, were online again by Monday.

Last Friday, Anonymous posted a video (opens in new tab) on threatening to "strike back" at Israel if they continue blocking vessels trying to reach Gaza by sea.

The video was posted soon after Israeli Naval commandos took control of a Canadian and Irish vessel sailing towards Gaza, followed by the arrest of crew as well as passengers.

After 48 hours, the Israeli government sites crashed. A spokesperson for the army called it "a coincidence", but Nitzan Miron, ex-member of Matzov, Israeli military cyber security division, called this breakdown "a really strange coincidence", as reported (opens in new tab) by The Guardian.

This breakdown is a major embarrassment for Israel, who are the pioneers of cyber security. The algorithms developed by them protect e-commerce as well as computerised banking systems all over the world.