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Large Data Leak Discovered in Finland; 16,000 Citizens Affected

This past Saturday, the Finnish government discovered a data leak that involved uploading personal details of almost 16,000 people on a file-sharing website. In Finland, this is the largest incident of data leak to date.

The matter is being investigated by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, reports Xinhuanet.

On Monday, hacker group Anonymous Finland claimed responsibility for publishing personal details of almost 16,000 people living in Finland. As proof, they temporarily published information about 16,000 people. This move was intended to embarrass the Finnish government about its lack of data security and the urgent need to improve it.

However, the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation has not yet confirmed any such claims made by Anonymous, Xinhuanet reported.

The list published includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, complete social security numbers, street as well as email addresses of the Finnish residents. The list also has many upper secondary vocational educational institutes, few civil servants and also Police College Finland students names mentioned in it.

The military of Finland confirmed that the leak has not posed any security threat on any sort.