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Malware on Smartphones Increases by 800% in Past Four Months

Malware on smartphones has seen an 800 percent rise in the past four months, indicating that cyber criminals have shifted focus to the highly popular smartphone market.

This revelation came after research conducted by a national online security initiative was published (opens in new tab) as part of Get Safe Online week which started on 7th November and will last untill 11th November.

The aim is to promote safe net surfing to Brits. At present, 17 percent smartphone owners use their phone to complete monetary transactions, while more than 22 percent download the latest apps at least once a month.

But, the increase of malicious software on app stores is further increasing risks for the smartphones, reported Get Safe Online.

The malware allows attackers to control the infected device by intercepting and sending SMS as well as voicemail messages, make calls, browse and download content. Accessing personal and payment data stored in the phone is another thing attackers can do once the malware is downloaded.

Minister for Cyber Security, Francis Maude, said that, "More and more people are using their smartphone to transmit personal and financial information over the Internet, whether it's for online banking, shopping or social networking," as reported (opens in new tab) by PC Advisor.