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Mark Zuckerberg Visits Harvard University In A Search For New Talent

On Monday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard University to find new talent for the social networking giant Facebook. 27 years old Mark visited the Ivy League school for the first time after he left it in 2004.

Regarding the hunt for talent in Harvard University, Mark commented to the reporters that, "There's a lot of really smart people here", reported USA Today.

Even though relations between Mark Zuckerberg and Harvard University haven't been always cordial, still hundreds of enthusiastic students gathered to get a glimpse of him.

Earlier, on the same day, Mark made a recruitment visit to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). On his Harvard visit, he met students as well as various officials of the university.

His visit inspired many Harvard graduation students who are worried about getting a job after graduation. An 18 year old freshman from Harvard Aaron Perez stated that Mark gives them hope about the future and how his invention changed the world. Many other students also echoed the same feeling, USA Today reported.

Mark Zuckerberg's experience in Harvard is a topic of interest for many and in fact a critically acclaimed and commercially successful movie based on his Harvard life has also been made.