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Microsoft Hires Samsung Exec as General Manager Windows Phone

A high ranked Samsung executive, Gavin Kim, made a move to Microsoft in order to help them to build a product line in the Windows Phone 7 series. On Monday, Microsoft confirmed that Kim has been appointed as the general manager of Windows Phone product management. Prior to this he was the vice president of content and enterprise mobility for Samsung.

Samsung by using Google's Android platform achieved great heights in the mobile phone market and at present it owns a leading market share in this market. In fact, currently they are the largest Android device makers. However, in the recent past they also manufactured few Windows Phone 7 devices.

About the details of Kim's role in the company, Microsoft has not provided any information. Analyst Michael Cherry of Directions On Microsoft said, "That kind of a role at Microsoft is generally involved in working on the tech design and the specs, and ... what features the version will have, and the schedule," reported by PC World.

Microsoft is trying its best to develop Windows Phone 7 in a way that it gives tough competition to Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. Last week, on Nokia 800 handset the Mango update version of Windows Phone has been introduced in an effort to achieve the same.