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Microsoft, Huawei in Talks Over Android Patent Licensing Deal

Software giant Microsoft is pursuing Huawei to sign an Android patent licensing deal, the Chinese telecom equipment maker revealed.

According to The Guardian, Huawei confirmed that Microsoft was in talks with the company for a patent licensing deal over the Android based products that Huawei is offering.

Microsoft, which is currently struggling in the smartphone market with the Windows Phone 7, has strong armed more than half of Android original equipment manufacturers into signing patent licensing deals with it.

Therefore, even if WP7 fails to dazzle the market, Microsoft would still make money from the rising the popularity of Android.

Victor Xu, chief marketing officer for Huawei Devices, said that the negotiations are underway with Microsoft, which is claiming that some of Huawei's Android based devices are infringing on its patents.

"Yes, Microsoft has come to us. We always respect the intellectual property of companies. But we have 65,000 patents worldwide too. We have enough to protect our interests. We are a very important stakeholder in Android", said Xu during the sidelines of the launch of a new Huawei smartphone and tablet device in the UK.