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Microsoft Preparing Ground For Cheaper WIndows Phone Handsets

The president of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, Andy Lees, has spoken enthusiastically about future Windows Phone handsets that will be cheaper than the current generation.

PCMag reports that current and future Windows Phone OS will be able to offload many user interface elements to the GPU on the phone's system on chip.

This will allow manufacturers to use cheaper chipsets without hampering performance, and the glut of WVGA smartphones on the market from Android means that these screens are as cheap as similar sized HVGA or QVGA screens.

Lees explained, "If you can get the same price for a screen where the resolution is consistent for end users and developers, that's a more consistent solution ... you'll see as we go to different parts of the world at different price points, very cheap phones."

First generation Windows Phone handsets have all used a 1GHz Qualcomm system on chip with an older Adreno 205 GPU.

Future handsets will be able to use more powerful SoCs which will become cheaper thanks to the increasing competition (Qualcomm being no longer the only manufacturer on the block) and the ever finer manufacturing processes.

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