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Music streaming app Spotify released for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 mobiles

Popular music streaming service Spotify has just launched an application for the Windows Phone 7 platform, for the Microsoft handsets to gain access to millions of tracks of music whilst on the move.

Spotify for Windows Phone 7 now joins the iPhone, Android, Symbian and the older Windows Phone 6.5 platforms in being able to stream music – whilst a beta version was announced in October, for BlackBerry devices.

Spotify has stated this is their 7th mobile application, which has been created in conjunction with Microsoft where the music company now has an app for more mobile devices than any other music service.

This new application for the WP7 phone mirrors other mobile offerings, with the ability to search, browse and play the catalogue of millions of tracks; whilst being able to explore and play friends’ playlists, along with top artists and tracks.

Spotify can stream over both WIFI, 2.5 or 3G mobile phone networks, where all of the existing playlists are available anywhere. There is also ‘offline’ playlist access, for playing music without an internet connection and On-the-fly sync, with every track added to a playlist appearing on mobile and computer.

This is in addition to the ‘What’s New view’ and the ability to receive music from friends via the inbox, with ‘starred tracks’ with all the favourite tracks into a special list.

Spotify for Windows Phone 7 is available in the Marketplace (opens in new tab) now, although a premium £9.99 a monthly subscription is required.

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