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Newest Google Panda 'Freshness' Update : the Winners & Losers

As with previous Google Panda updates, analyst firm SearchMetrics has published yet another list of winners and losers from the latest algorithm change, which is called Freshness and is said to have affected up to 35 per cent of all searches.

SearchMetrics looks at SEO visibility and while it doesn't necessarily translate into an absolute search oracle (ITProPortal was supposed to be one of the websites hit worst during an earlier Panda rollout), it does provide an interesting insight into what Google is doing. Let's start with the winners.

There are loads of brands in the list including the likes of Wikiquote and a site formerly labelled as a content farm, Squidoo. There are also five celebrity websites and a number of tech websites, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal's AllthingsD, Engadget and Techcrunch. Not surprisingly, Youtube is also amongst the big winners overall.

As for the losers, Anandtech and Blogger are the odd men out. Anandtech is one of the most respected tech websites out there, and we fail to see the logic behind any penalty from Google (disclaimer: Net Communities, the publishers of ITProPortal, has a commercial relationship with Anandtech).

Likewise we fail to see why The Independent and Netscape are amongst the worst affected; and perhaps more surprisingly, even, which is one of Google's own sites, has been hit by Panda.