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NexGen Storage Introduces the n5 Storage System

NexGen Storage introduced the n5 storage system, which is a hybrid mid-range storage area network (SAN). The special feature of this storage system is that it can be easily configured for performance as well as for capacity within certain virtualised environments.

Virtualised workloads have inherent input and output bottlenecks - the new hybrid system has been designed keeping this in mind. It uses 3 different storage levels, a PCIe flash solid state drive (SSD), a DRAM tier and 7,200 RPM hard disc drives (HDD), as confirmed by the company.

The new n5 OS provides controls to decide and set quality of the standards of service for various shared workloads through the method of input-output per second (IOPs).

This, on the other hand, allowsusers to configure performance capability in addition to capacity. There are several other unique features in this OS like the Dynamic Data Placement, as reported (opens in new tab) by Information Week.

In 2010, NexGen was founded by the current CEO John Spiels along with CTO Kelly Long. Before this company, they both founded LeftHand Networks, a iSCSI systems company.

Currently, NexGen is funded by GroTech Ventures and also by Access Venture Partners. It has just $2 million but will be seeking Series B funding now that their products have started shipping regularly.