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Rumour: Xbox One codenamed "loop"

More information has tipped up about Microsoft's currently in-development console sequel, the Xbox One. Expected to debut at E3 2012, where we're likely to learn the first concrete details of the system, the new device is all just rumour for the moment - but it's a little exciting nonetheless.

The first rumour is that the current codename for the system within Microsoft's closed doors is 'Loop' - not Xbox 720, as many people have been calling it. It is also thought that it will be far smaller than the Xbox 360 - though whether that's the original larger version, or the 360 slim remains to be seen.

MSnerd blog believes that the internal hardware will be Zune-like in construction, utilising a single main core and several separate cores to handle AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors like Kinect. With the growth of APUs like AMD's Llano cores and Intel's Sandybridge chips, it seems likely that these assisted cores will have some sort of GPU function or internal graphics core.

However, MSnerd went on to say that the system will be built by Microsoft and two partners - based on ARM architecture. It will also be cheaper to produce than the Xbox 360, which Microsoft is hoping will improve uptake and make the Kinect a more viable add on; financially, at least. We'll need some good games to come out for it first.

While first concrete facts about 'Loop' might be forthcoming in 2012, it isn't likely to be released until 2013. That would give the Xbox 360 a total lifespan of eight years.