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US Healthcare Industry Embraces Social Media

The US healthcare industry has decided to adopt social media platforms to improve the healthcare system and revolutionise the market.

According to an articleon The Guardian, healthcare executives are adopting social media platforms like Facebook to spread their message and bring important notifications to the masses.

Social media platforms are also being used by patients suffering from common or life threatening health issues to find peers that might help them cope with their situation.

Phil Baumann is one person who believes that social media will change the healthcare industry for the better. Baumann runs a US based consulting firm that advises the healthcare industry over the use of social media.

"Any media, any technologies that enable those connections and encourage collaboration will only lead to a better healthcare system," he said, adding that hospital blogs and Facebook profiles can help healthcare institutions like hospitals to engage their patients and the general public at large.

Social media can also revolutionise how people cope with diseases by helping them interact with people who are going through the same thing.