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Adobe Focuses on HTML5 for Mobile Devices

Adobe had decided to honour the wishes of the late Steve Jobs and stop developing its Flash plug-in for mobile phone devices.

Sources close to Adobe have told (opens in new tab) ZDNet that the company plans to stop developing Flash for mobile devices, but it will support the Android and PlayBook versions of Flash with big fixes.

Apple's Steve Jobs had started an all out war against Adobe, decreeing that Flash would not be supported on iOS devices as it hogged processor power and was riddled with bugs.

Now, Adobe has decided to focus on HTML 5 instead, a web standard propped up by Jobs as a potential Flash killer - he was right.

"Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations," said Adobe to its Flash partners.

"Some of our source code licensees may opt to continue working on and releasing their own implementations. We will continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates.," the company added.