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AMD's Radeon HD 7900 GPUs coming in January

January is looking like the month when hardware enthusiasts the world over will get their first taste of 28nm archicture GPUs, and it's going to come as part of AMD's next line: the Radeon HD 7900s.

It was initially thought that TSMC would begin production of the 28nm die required for this line of hardware much earlier this year, but it only ended up kicking in to full swing in late October according to Xbit Labs (opens in new tab). Now companies like AMD and Nvidia have got their hands on the dies, we should begin to see more details about the next GPU lineups.

First up, AMD's 7-series cards will be labeled Tahiti and will have some variants under the traditional XT and Pro branding. Chances are the parts will be reserved for the higher end cards which will most likely feature some form of 79XX branding. There is of course still the dual chip version to consider which will probably come a little later, perhaps half way through 2012.

While they were never really struggling in the high end graphical game, news that they're likely to be first to the punch when it comes to 28nm graphics is good for AMD, as its recent bulldozer debacle (opens in new tab) put the firm in quite a poor light.

Industry rumour-mill Fudzilla (opens in new tab) reports that AMD is confident that its 7XXX series of cards will be more than a match for Nvidia's Kepler GPUs that presumably will be released a little further into Q1 2012. Lets hope for the sake of market competition that we won't be facing a repeat of the Fermi fiasco (opens in new tab) which saw the launch of that generation of cards pushed back several months. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.