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Anonymous talks to the public on Reddit

Online 'hacktivist' group Anonymous has started an open dicussion about itself on Reddit, seeking to dispel a few myths and about the WikiLeaks-supporting 'hive mind' and its activities.

And once you've waded through some of the almost inevitable misinformation thrown in the mix as well, there do seem to be some legitmate responses to questions from interested users.

The announcement for the open conversation was made by the AnonymousIRC Twitter account - which, it was later revealed, is run by more than one person, boasting: "It's impossible to shut down the Twitter by arresting a single person."

Some later asked about how the group finances itself. Anons claimed that they didn't need much money to carry out their activities, stating: "We run on a very low budget, but 20 bucks is enough to take on the filthy leaders, fortunately :)".

When asked about Anonymous's involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement, respondents were quick to explain that there was not a lot their online group could do to help, but that they were certainly allied with the group's aims - though they finished by admitting: "To be honest, we do not know how this will turn out."

One of the more interesting queries from Reddit users was about the hacking skills of the group. When asked how the skillset of the average Anon compared with government-sponsored hackers, AnonymousIRC responded: monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.