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Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Attack on Finnish neo-Nazi Website

Anonymous, the hackers group, claimed responsibility for attacking a Finnish neo-Nazi web site. This claim led to resignation of Ulla Pyysalo, a parliamentary aide, over allegations of her links with the group. Pyysalo was previously working for Juho Eerola, a True Finns MP.

In a statement, Anonymous Finland said, "We have successfully and easily hacked [the neo-Nazi] website and published the database of its membership application database containing personal datas of some applicants from all around the country", through a statement published on Pastebin.

An online message addressing the same issue stated that investigations have been initiated by authorities to look into the security breaches.

At the same time, many defence web sites of Israel crashed yesterday because of an alleged attack by Anonymous, reported Daily Mail. This incident happened after a video was posted on YouTube by Anonymous in which they threatened to retaliate against the act of Israel of stopping two vessels travelling to Gaza carrying journalists and activists.

Anonymous has not formally claimed responsibility of this attack on the Israeli government web sites thus the timing of the posted video and the attack seem to be a coincidence.