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Apple Bans Charlie Miller's iOS Vulnerability Exploiting App

iPad maker Apple has banned a rogue app from the iTunes App Store which was submitted by a security researchers to expose a vulnerability on Apple's platform.

The app, called InstaStock was submitted by Apple developer and security researcher Charlie Miller to the App Store.

The researcher had injected the app with a malware that sent user information to a server. The security flaw allowed the app to pass undetected from Apple's stringent App Store submission rules.

Miller, who plans on exposing the flaw at a security conference, next week, had his Apple developer account suspended for what he had done. The app, which was submitted to the App Store in September, allowed the researchers to steal user information.

He stressed that cyber criminals could exploit the flaw and cause irreparable harm to Apple customers and expressed his anger at the iPhone maker for cancelling his account.

"First they give researchers access to developer programs, (although I paid for mine) then they kick them out.. for doing research. Me angry," Miller stated in a post on Twitter.