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Barnes & Noble Calls for DoJ Probe in Microsoft’s Patent-Licensing Tactics

Barnes & Noble has accused Microsoft for trying to prevent competition by initiating unsubstantial claims of infringement and requested the US Department of Justice to investigate into patent-licensing tactics of Microsoft.

In a letter, Peter T. Barbur, lawyer of Barnes & Noble and addressed to Gene I. Kimmelman, the Chief Counsel for competition policies in the Department of Justice's antitrust division, stated, "Microsoft is attempting to raise its rivals' costs in order to drive out competition and deter innovation in mobile devices," reported c|net.

The letter also mentioned, "Microsoft's conduct poses serious antitrust concerns and warrants further exploration by the Department of Justice."

Earlier, Microsoft patent lawyers attacked Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader that runs on Android operating system. On refusal by Barnes & Noble to pay the licensing fee Microsoft initiated a suit in the month of March.

A month later as a response, the bookseller Barnes & Noble counter attacked by saying Microsoft misuses patent laws to cut down the speed of their rivals, reported c|net.

The letter written by Barbur to Kimmelman is a part of the lawsuit going between these two companies and filed before US International Trade Commission.