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British Researchers to Build Charles Babbage's 'Supercomputer'

Soon, British researchers will build a computer that will take 10 long years and cost millions of dollars. However, this investment is not for building a machine with very high analytical power or super fast speed.

The success of this machine, instead of software and silicon, will depend greatly upon metal gears as well as very old version of the quaint IBM punch card, as reported by The Bulletin.

The focus of this project is a machine which was envisaged by Charles Babbage in 1830 that can be seen as one of the first programmable computers. Currently, plans for the machine are laying on a drawing board at the Science Museum in London under the name Babbage Analytical Engine. This machine has never been built by anyone.

Under this new initiative, led by programmer Graham-Cumming, and Doron Swade, an ex-curator at the museum, plans have been started to build this historic masterpiece. For the time being, Babbage's still surviving blueprints for the Analytical Engine has been digitalised, reports The Bulletin.