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BT Equipment Innovations Speed-Up Installation of Fibre-Based Broadband Network

UK telecoms giant BT has revealed a secret weapon used to speed-up the update of its fibre based broadband network.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on the Telegraph, the company told a group of analysts that it had fashioned a unique shovel, which is helping it speed up the roll out - to be completed by 2014.

BT said the new shovel comes with extra sharp edges, which have helped reduce the installation time for fibre from one week to two days.

"It can be used by an engineer to cut through tarmac, remove a blockage during the fibre network installation, enabling him to complete the job without waiting a number of days for a separate civil engineering team to dig up new pathways," a BT spokesperson revealed.

This, including a couple of other innovations, allows the company to not only roll out the service on time, but also save a lot of money.

"We're now trialling the use of a polymer-based plinth which is pre-formed and light, so it's quicker and easier to install, plus it's an all weather-condition solution. It cuts the deployment time from a current seven days to just two hours," the company said, detailing the other innovations it had made.