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Class Action Suit Against Apple Concerning Faulty Adaptors Settled

Apple announced it has settled a class action lawsuit related to the T-Shaped MagSafe power adapter for MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Apple Insider, the company has launched a new program called the Apple Adapter Replacement Program, which tells people how to get their cash back.

The program redirects users to a website called, which instructs people in what they need to do to get their money back and how the settlement affects them.

The class action lawsuit refers to the 60-watt or 85-watt MagSafe MPM-1 T-shaped Power Adapter which shipped with older MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Users were also able to purchase the adapters separately.

The adapters were affected with something called ‘Strain Relief Damage' which caused their wires to fray and expose the under lining wire. The class action lawsuit claimed the exposed wires could cause serious harm to users.

Under the settlement agreement, people who purchased a replacement within the first year would get $79 from Apple, while those who bought replacements in the second and third year would be receiving $50 and $35 respectively.