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Firefox 8 Officially Launched

Today, Mozilla announced the official launch of Firefox 8, which was previously available for download through an FTP. The new version has many new features along with some minor improvements for the HTML 5 renderer, a basic component of the browser.

A latest feature to have been incorporated in the Firefox 8 is a built-in search box in the navigation toolbar which is capable of supporting Twitter searches. That means the users of Firefox 8 can select Twitter from the available search engines drop-down list.

Mozilla tied-up with Twitter early this year for the purpose of releasing a Firefox special build in collaboration with the micro blogging social network. In other words, that was a custom build Firefox version in which a search box was integrated and now this is an official feature of Firefox 8.

Better and stricter control over the side-loaded add-ons is another new feature that can be found in this Firefox browser.

The side-loaded add-ons caused few serious problems in the past not only for the users but also for the browser. Firefox 8 will disable the side-loaded add-ons by default, reported the ARS Technica.