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Google + to Reach 60 Million Users by End of Q4

With the help of front-door traffic, Google+ Pages and Google+ Hangouts, the new social networking site Google+ will have more than 60 million users by end of fourth quarter this year.

The popularity of Google+ is soaring so high that one financial analyst is expecting that this social network will gain 20 million users during the fourth quarter ultimately boosting the number of members to above 60 million, as reported by eWeek.

CEO Larry Page of Google stated that Google+ has been able to gain more than 40 million users from the time it was launched on June 28 while still in limited field testing. In September, Google+ was opened for public beta testing, and at the same time Google+ Pages was launched as a platform for product and service promotional purposes.

"The success of Google+ has been attributed to the presence of +You button that allows non-members to join using a toolbar provided on the Google home page and to the unique celeb Google+Hangouts sessions of video chat,"said Trip Chowdry, an Analyst at Global Equities Research, reported eWeek.