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Huawei Vision Smartphone & MediaPad Tablet Hands On Preview: Pictures & Videos

Huawei has launched two new devices in the UK, the flagship Vision handset and their third generation MediaPad tablet.

Our own Rob Kerr, from onemobilering, was at the launch and produced a walkthrough video and pictures for both devices.

The coverage explores the various features of the Huawei Vision, with its 3.7-inch screen and 3D user interface, along with the MediaPad with 7-inch display and Android Honeycomb 3.2 OS.

Check out the images here of the MediaPad tablet; images of the Vision handset can be seen here; the videos can be seen below.

Both devices are expected to be released next year, and Huawei is reportedly still in discussions with mobile phone operators as to whether and when its devices will go on sale in the UK.

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