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Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! Team Up Against Google Over Online Ads

Today, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo announced their plans to sell off extra online space for ads of each other's. It is a strategy to slow down Google's ever growing momentum in ads display.

Around two months ago, this plan was revealed by All Thing D's Peter Kafka. However, there is no clarification yet as to what Web pages will be the part of the ad space sale.

The deal is supposed to begin in January, 2012, in which the companies will be putting effort to make more money for themselves which otherwise would have gone into the pockets of ad networks, reported Forbes. The companies, on a conference call, said that they are hoping to make their inventory display "more valuable".

EVP Americas for Yahoo, Ross Levinsohn, said, "Marketers' needs for quality audiences at scale will be met more directly". However, no other details have been released from any source.

On a query regarding participation of Google and Facebook, Microsoft's Rik van der Kooi said that they are already opening it up for other publishers with high-quality inventory and thus other names in the industry "are welcome to join".